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Find out more about the work we are doing, learn about the Akashic Records, get practical tips and tools for self-empowerment and learn how to integrate more love into your life.

In our videos we are answering your questions on spirituality, overcoming life’s challenges, self-love, finding your gifts and much, much more. We talk about how the Akashic Records hold the tool of uncovering &  transforming old patterns, programs and obligations that no longer serve you. You will learn how experiences from past lifetimes imprint the reality you are currently experiencing, how to use the Akasha to discover what is present and liberate yourself from limitations.

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How an Akashic Reading can create transformation in your life

Betty Sue did an Akashic Reading & Clearing Session with us. She had been dealing with feelings of inferiority and had become frustrated about her life. A week after the clearing we asked Betty what shifted. Heres what she had to share.

Soul Resolution – Live Akashic Records Clearing Session

In this Akashic Records Reading & Clearing Session, Jivananda and Kristie show how to discover, transform and resolve energies from past lifetimes by applying their technique of Soul Resolution™ .

How to Identify Prosperity

In order to live a life filled with prosperity, you first need to become clear about what prosperity looks like to you. Learn how to identify true prosperity, and become clear of your own unique vision of prosperity in irder to start bringing this energy into all aspects of your life

Why the law of attraction doesn’t always work

Many people are practicing the law of attraction or doing positive affirmations to manifest what they desire. Why is it though that sometimes these tools don’t seem to work? Why is it that we are putting all this work into our manifestations and yet things are not shifting? Find out in this video why that is and what you can do to have the law of attraction work for you!

Indigo Warrior Training

Find out more about our Indigo Warrior Training and how you can learn the tools to transform your life!

Are ghost and spirits real?

Kristie and Jivanada explore the realm of ghosts and spirits sharing personal experiences of the supernatural world. Find out how to deal with spirits, spirit possessions and how to know if there really is a ghost around! Also, what to do if your kid sees ghosts?

Insights into the Empathic World

This video is about Insights into the Empathic World… Ever wonder what it means to be empathically sensitive? Why are we feeling this? And how can we work with it in a way that helps us empower who we are really meant to be?

Star Code Origins

Find out where the AvaitriA Star Codes come from! What do they mean? What gifts do they have for us? How can they heal the world and help us usher in a New Golden Age?

Exploring the Akasha

This video is about Exploring the Akasha and how your past lives affect your current circumstances You want to know how the Akashic Records could work for you, right? If you could change your life by accessing your past lifetimes, would you want to know how? Then watch this video and find out how!!

Akashic Couples

Ever wonder if you and your partner have a past live(s) together? If so, what happen during this lifetime? How do you previously know each other? Were you enemies or lovers, friends or rivals? Did you make a commitment a promise or a vow to each other that you are still living up to? How do past life times affect our current relationship?

Find your Life Purpose through the Akashic Records

Ever wonder if you have a specific soul purpose or life path ? If so how do we access it? Are you showing up for jobs that are connected to a past life obligation or are you living your soul purpose? Are past life contracts preventing you from creating the job of your dreams? If you could find out how your past lives influence your current job situation, would you want to know?

Akashic Records Revealed

This video is an introduction into the Akashic Records and how accessing them can help you transform your life.