Welcome to AvaitriA Akashic Academy!!!

We are so excited that you are joining us on this journey. The Academy is really our way of sharing our knowledge with you so that you can start applying it in your own life. Our goal is to empower you through these tools and techniques, to clear ancient patterns and start creating the life that you desire.

Please visit our official AvaitriA Akashic Academy Course Website HERE. We have a section of powerful tools for you and are continuing to add to the curriculum!



AvaitriA Energy Clearing Course

Energy Clearing and Energy Protection Tools for the empathically sensitive and highly intuitive being . Practical & potent exercises to use on a daily basis to enhance & protect our vibrational field. Enter into the world of the Energy Practitioner.

Star Code Meditations!

Intro into AvaitriA Star Codes - FREE

Welcome Starbeings! In this FREE introductory course, we will explore the AvaitriA Star Codes. Find out about the origins of the Star Codes, how to work with them and receive your first Star Code meditation and transmission.

AvaitriA Star Code Meditation - Upliftment

Rise through different levels of being in this Star Code meditation. Transcend aspects of the lower self and worldly ties. Identify with a higher vibration of expanded consciousness & uplift your perspective from the mundane into the Cosmic reality.

AvaitriA Star Code Meditation - Protection

Connect to the galactic age of Atlantis and start reawakening your energetic blueprint of protection in this Star Code meditation. Create a forcefield of light to protect your energy from influences of the outside world.

AvaitriA Star Code Meditation - Awakening the Pineal Gland

Initiate the process of reclaiming your original pineal function. Start to activate, reset and awaken the original blueprint of your pineal gland with this Star Code meditation.