About Us

Siva Jivananda –

Has been intentional walking the path of self discovery from the age of 19 when he left his home and set off to Alaska in search of a deeper understanding and connection to life, mother nature and spirit. This journey lead him to the islands of Hawaii where he lived for 10 years connecting with the energies of the island, ancient Lemuria, madam Pele and the Divine Feminine. His journey continued to India where he re-discovered his connection with the Sadhu mystics and the path of self-realization.

Jivanada has been offering healing services for the last 15 years utilizing many different modalities some of which include, Shiatsu therapy, Sound Channeling, Shamanic and Akashic Journey work, guided meditations and healing ceremonies.

“Walking through my own process of self-healing, analysis, awareness and connection has provided me with unique experiences that I have channeled into tools to facilitate my own process as well as to offer for others healing. The Universe is an infinite consciousness of energy, love and frequency. What wounds, patterns, and ideas have we accepted that keep us separate from experiencing the totality of our own infinite being? I am honored and humbled to be walking this path of self-discovery, in service to awakening the Divine within me and to those who are ready and willing to do the same”.  


Kristie –

In her early twenties Kristie experienced a serious illness that opened her up to the spiritual path. She had been diagnosed with an “incurable disease” and was told “that she had to live with it for the rest of her life”. Not taking this diagnosis as her truth, she went looking for an alternative solution and found the answer in Bioresonance Therapy. But it wasn’t until she started looking at the connection of the body, mind, spirit and soul that healing started to happen on all levels. Diving deeper into the study of psychosomatic medicine and experiencing the dissolving of her incurable disease, she came to believe that there is no such thing as incurable. It is our environment, our unconscious mind and the way we live our life that can heal or create sickness in the body.

Ever since then she has taken many workshops and classes and immersed herself in the study of holistic medicine, the Akashic Records and Belief Work. Kristie studied Kriya Yoga at Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship, and is certified as a Reiki Master and Shiatsu Therapist. Kristie trained in Core Transformation Therapy, PTR (Parental Timeline Imprinting), CREST, Rapid Integrative Gestalt, Family Constellation systems, Ancient Wisdom Ho’oponopono and much more. She has worked as a public speaker, lectured internationally and has written three books as well as numerous news articles. Kristie has been channelling information on ancient cultures, traditions and rituals, learning about symbolism, codes and sacred geometry.

Over the past 10 years Kristie has done thousands of Akashic readings and Belief Change sessions with clients and taught students all over the globe. What the sessions and the classes all have in common is teaching people the ability to bring forth our Divine Self. Clearing ancient patterns through the Akasha allows us to remember our Divine Truth, live our soul’s calling, and bring the magic and joy of Creation back into our lives.


Kristie and Jivananda –‍‍‍Together, Kristie and Jivananda combine the essence of all of their knowledge and wisdom into one unified practice. They work together offering dual Akashic Readings and are the founders of the Avaitria Akashic Academy. They have the ability to tap into the same lifetime or access lifetimes that are connected and put together the pieces that inform the client of reoccurring patterns and energetic imprints. Together they then clear the energy, beliefs, imprints, patterns, obligations that the client might have carried for millennia and replace these with a new, positive vibration.‍

Jivananda and Kristie also offer online programs combined with one-on-one sessions to train students in accessing the Akashic Records and clearing subconscious beliefs and patterns.