There is just one thing we came here to do, within it the entirety of life breaks down into two simple parts:

Discover loves true identity & settle our affairs with love.

Discovering loves identity is the greatest gift of all because it is the process of discovering our own true identity, in love, with love, as love itself.

Settling our affairs is learning how to resolve and let go of every other identity we have held separate from love’s energy. We came here to finish, finalize, complete, resolve, transform and clear, every part of us that doesn’t understand love and its original nature.

Every idea we created from traumas, within an identity separate from love, every relationship, contract, obligation, vow, oath, promise, memory, and experience we didn’t understand in this lifetime as well as in every other, must dissolve and be set free in the healing waters of love.

When we learn the true energy of love and all of its qualities and divine expressions of its infinite nature, we begin to understand our own truth and learn to accept who we truly are as a part of loves profound and wondrous expression.

Love created this life, this body, this experience, this world. Love propagates and sustains everything, all life, creatures and beings within it.

When you finally let go into love, you realize all resistance was only fear of not knowing loves true energy and identity.

You realize love was always what you were searching for, you came from it alone, it was never separate from you, you only need to realize what you were not, to find loves light shining through you.

S. Jivananda H. Aum


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