Life is given for one purpose, and one purpose alone. To realize the infinite, eternal and unlimited nature of love. Nothing less, nothing more.

Life is created from love, for love, in love, with love, by love. When we realize this, everything becomes clear and life becomes very simple.

Every challenge becomes an invitation to discover loves greater truths, every pain becomes purification from the separations of love, every pleasure becomes a celebration of the joy and beauty of love.

When we learn that love is the very essence of every aspect of life, we can learn how to harmonize with love, how to receive love, how to listen to love, how to forgive love, how to be patient for love, how to understand love, how to communicate with love, how to help love, how to heal our relationship with love, how to support love, how to be love.

Nature is the expression of love, the perfect union of love in balance with all things. The plants, insects, birds, fish, animals, every creature of the mother all live in harmony with the energy of love. They exists as the balance of love embodied. Love takes care of life, and provides every essential need for life.

The complexity of the human mind generates infinite worlds of creative possibilities, fueled with the awareness of love they can lead to greatest expressions of balance and unity. Fueled without loves awareness can lead to the greatest

With the human minds awareness in love, the energies of life flourish prosperously, beyond the likes planet earth has ever seen.

With out loves awareness, humans will only disrupt and destruct life and its balance.

The more we accept life as love, the more peace, freedom, joy, celebration, ease, grace and abundant we feel life become.

The more we reject life as love, the more suffering, separate, painful, confused, difficult, and fearful we feel life become.

When we see loves purpose, we can see its divine plan, and release our hold over life, we can trust and let go into loves eternal and infinite energy.

When we don’t see loves purpose we attach ourselves firmly to our plan, trying to possess, own and control the energy life to fulfill our idea.

The world reflects the collective awareness.

If we want to see a changed world we must confront ourself, and ask ourself;

what goal I’m trying to achieve here?

What plan of purpose am I living into?

Is it to discover Love?

Or a personal agenda?

Am I heading towards love, or away from it?

Life is the gift of love. Love, the gift of life.

With it the smallest speck can awaken joy, without it not even a palace of full of gold will ever satisfy.

When we seek to understand love, we find the true meaning of life, everything else is just a long bumpy road leading us back eventually to the truth.

It’s only always been love.

Please come home, peace is waiting for you and the world is too.

S. Jivananda H. Aum


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