Love is the most destructive power in the universe. It will break down all barriers, annihilate all separation, and destroy every last fear. Nothing can destroy it, not even death. When the full power of love hits, it leaves no survivors.

Source love does not possess, it does not control, it does not hold on to or limit anything. It is the release of attachment, and the need of anything. It is the originator, the very essence of life, the living energy of everything.

Only Love is true Liberty, only Love is truly Free.

When we find the courage to look behind the shadows of fear, to look into the face of death, separation, loss, change, scarcity and the unknown. We find that fear holds no substance, no solid shape or form.

Fear is merely a shadow cast from the light of undiscovered love. Until we discover the source of the light of the Sun, we may always fear the darkness.

Love is the abode of the eternal, the Infinite, limitless, all pervading light, source of creation, energizer of all.

No-thing will ever withstand the power of Love.
No time, space, energy, form, thought, shape, sound or light frequency can survive obliteration into love.

Not a millions lives of fame and riches will ever touch, just one life touched by its embrace.

For its true power to ignite, it must be awakened within. Only through the act of courage, to look at one’s fears, will one discover the strength of heart able to house its light and wield its unlimited power.

Only when we truly know love, we will truly know freedom.

As a country, as a nation, as an individual, as one planet.

When love is all that remains we will truly be free.

It all starts with you….

Can you break the spells of fear? And awaken love?

Do you have the courage?


S. Jivananda H. Aum


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