Every impulse that we hold as an identity comes from the past. We were given a body that was developed throughout the ages by our ancestors. Within it contains the memories of all the challenges they had to overcome, all the environments they lived that shaped them, all of the relationships they carried with themselves, their families, and the nature surrounding them. These bodies hold their interests, hobbies & habits, their routines, physically and psychologically. It also carries soul memories.

Every single desire moving through us comes from a memory we hold either from this life or a past life, either from the bodies memories or the the soul. This memory creates a feeling and this feeling projects itself into a vision of the future to re-create the experience as an expression of our identity.

Our memories hold the ideas of who we have accepted ourselves to be. For example if your someone who enjoys wine you may have identified yourself as a wine drinker. You may have memories of drinking wine watching the sunset on a lovely beach. And every time you see a beach with a setting sun, it may spark them memory of drinking wine and the

feelings you had at that time. The memories first response is to re-live itself out by first recalling the experience from the past and then projecting an idea of what it would look like to experience it again in the future.

In this way our memories become a longing to re-experience and connect with an idea or aspect of who we have identified ourselves to be. In this way these memories keep us stuck in a loop of longing and re-creating the experience as a means to get closer and back to the ideas that we have accepted ourselves to be. They brings us back to the feelings of being something and someone we once believed to be true and therefore re affirm our identity to that idea. and vision of self.

This is what some would call samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world or world of our past memories and identities is bound.

The souls journey however is not to recreate these memories over and over again, getting caught in an endless loop of limiting identities, but to instead use the memories as an opportunity to unlock and set its awareness free from the stories it has been holding on too, as a means to uncover its original unlimited nature.

The souls longs to be in conscious awareness of its pure expression of being, with no beginning, no end, no personalized life or death, just infinite consciousness witnessing the universal dance within the cosmic womb of creation.

The desire to uncover our original being, to know our source and origin, our neutral or natural state, beyond all the ideas and memories of lives and expressions onced lived. This is the true purpose of the souls journey, discovery of the infinite self.

How do we learn to undress the soul instead of over coat it once again in a new updated version of the same old identity?

How do we begin to see ourselves wholly, as we truly are, instead of as some projection of what we have been or think and feel we need and want to be?

What really exists beyond the memories projections, the bodies needs and feelings, the mind’s ideas, and the souls identities?

How do we end the cycle of repetition and begin to progress forward into the infinite?

The first question you must ask yourself is, do I want freedom?
Or am I content on living as a projection of my own limitations and perspective of self?

Perceive for just a moment the awareness of the eternal witness within you. Your original pure self. For the moment close your eyes and tell yourself there is not past, and do not engage any past memories. Tell yourself there is no future, and don’t allow yourself to project any images or thoughts of the future. Then with your eyes closed, disconnect from the present world around you, give it no attention, just watch. Watch and witness what still remains in this place.

With no past, no future and no present engagement, what remains?

From this place you can sense an awareness remain. Something that is aware of everything. Something that was never born, and can never die. Something that has no limit or direction in which it is or is not. Within this awareness, you will witness that all things arise and yet, this awareness is none of these things. It exists beyond, before, and remains after all things come and go.

This is your eternity. This is infinity with you, divine oneness within you. And it will never change, never fade, never leave you. For you exist purely as it and it exists always as you.

Once you have perceived this pure state of being, you can begin the process of soul resolution, bringing forgiveness, love, acceptance and resolve into all aspects and identities of the soul and consciously walk into the infinite nature of your whole being.

S. Jivananda H. Aum


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