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How we create contracts

Have you ever wanted to manifest something really badly and no matter how hard you tried, it just wasn’t working out? Well, it might be related to past life contracts. 

Maybe you want to manifest abundance, but in a past lifetimes were a nun who took an oath of poverty.

Maybe all you want is peace in your life, but you’re constantly experiencing battle (through arguments, traumas, challenges), because you’re still carrying a contract from a past life to be a soldier who goes to war.

Maybe you want to be an artist, but you keep being stuck at your 9-5 office job because in a past lifetimes you promised your father that you’d give up being a painter in order to not disappoint him.

The contracts we make carry forth throughout lifetimes. Contracts that you entered into a millennia ago affect you to this very day – unless you clear them. 

There is one particular contract that I want to address in today’s Akashic Insight: Energetic Marriage!

I came across the power of energetic marriage about ten years ago. At that time I was in a relationship where I felt my partner didn’t want to commit. It had been a pattern by that time that I would only meet unavailable men, guys who were afraid of commitment…or if I was interested in someone he wasn’t interested in me, and vice versa.

Luckily I was learning tools of energetic clearing work. So one day my friend and I sat down to figure this one out. What in me was creating the situation I was experiencing? What were these relationships reflecting back to me? (Remember: everything that we are experiencing is a reflection of our identities, beliefs and programs – consciously or unconsciously).

At that time, the search for that mirror didn’t go far as we uncovered that I still had contracts with my high school boyfriend – who at that time had been in a long term relationship but never proposed marriage to his girlfriend. How did these contracts come about? Well, in our teenage love bliss, we had told each other that we’d love one another and be with each other forever. “Only you and no one else – forever.”

No wonder! See, when you make these promises they become an energetic marriage: a relationship commitment between two souls. In that energetic marriage, we had been loyal to our contracts and to one another, thus not being unable to experience a new level of love with another partner.

So we cleared the contracts of energetic marriage. Two months later my ex married his longtime girlfriend, and my relationships finally started shifting.   

My journey of clearing energetic marriage didn’t end there though. I started wondering, “Well, if I made these contracts in this lifetime, what contracts of energetic marriage do I had from other lifetimes?” So I journeyed into the Akasha and was shown a more recent lifetime.

In that life I lived in a Western town in Arizona. I was engaged to the love of my life. My fiancé had to leave town on a business venture. We had set our wedding date upon his return. I remember him leaving and I remember me promising to wait for him to come back…and both of us declaring our love for one another. He never came back though. A group of bandits attacked and killed him. His body was never found which means that I never found out what happened to him. Yet I kept waiting.

Besides the contracts of energetic marriage that I had to clear from that lifetime, I also needed to resolve the commitment of waiting for him, waiting for him to return. 

I have many stories like that, my own, and those of students and clients. As we release old identities and patterns, it is important to realize the contracts we made, in this lifetime as well as past lifetimes, in order to liberate ourselves from these obligations that have bound us to the past. 

Besides contracts with a specific person, especially a romantic partner, I had contracts that kept me married to my mission, or married to a specific institution. I once taught a class where 80% of my students were married to Jesus (when becoming a nun, besides taking the oaths of poverty, chastity and obedience, the convent would also initiate a marriage between the nun and Jesus – just FYI). 

I have divorced clients from missions that they started many millennia ago and were still trying to complete; we have cleared contracts of energetic marriage with communities, tribes, families and nations. Every single contract you clear is another step of letting go of aspects of yourself that no longer serve you and empowering you to become who you really are! 

Sexual Healing


Sexual energy is, at essence, the most important energy of all. Vital life energy or Divine energy flows through us, as it is generated from inside of us. It awakens in the root of the body as the creative force or creative spark in which all things from the body, heart, mind and spirit are created from.

This energy’s natural course is to flow upwards illuminating all of the bodies energy centers, uniting within the heart, awakening love and ultimately flowing to the top of the head connecting to the cosmos from which it originally came.

This Divine Life Force energy needs a clear path to travel to fully  illuminate all aspects of our Divine Nature. As we journey on our path of self discovery towards our true Identity as Creator Beings, we accumulate trauma from unresolved aspects of self. These are soul lessons or new levels of consciousness that we were unable to accept and understand when we first experienced them. 

The moment these experiences come to us, two things can happen based on our level of consciousness and relationship with our true self. If we accept the experience as an aspect of our Divine truth, we will learn from it, we will see it as a reflection of Creation, as an intrinsic part of the Universe and ourself.  If we deny or reject the experience, not yet ready to see ourselves and our energy as we truly are, we create division. We separate ourselves from this experience, denying an aspect of our true self, disconnecting from this experience and the self we did not understand, thus creating trauma.  

Trauma symbolizes the areas of self we have not discovered yet. It symbolizes identities and ideas we have about ourself and creation that we accepted as the truth.  When we are shown a reality outside of our idea or concept of self, one that we are not ready to see and do not understand, we will not accept it. True transcendence of the false aspects of self comes when we understand what we experience, and accept it. 

Trauma represents the areas of our self awareness that are still developing. When trauma is created we hide it as a coping mechanism, out of sight within our sub-conscious mind. We push the feelings down, not wanting to feel the pain of separation we created from our true self because we don’t understand it. How can we deal with something we don’t understand, when it seems to be trying to pull us away from who and what we think we are? 

When this mis-understood pain-trauma is left unprocessed, the sub-conscious mind hides the memory, and the body hides the pain. This stuffed down pain or trauma blocks the path of the Divine Life force energy.

When the Divine life force energy is blocked from traveling up to the heart, unable to realize itself as Divine Love, it stops and meets the trauma that is blocking it and it expresses itself in another form, as Sexual energy.

Divine life force energy that cannot ascend stays trapped, blocked in the lower chakras swirling around in the traumas that have been hidden and stored in these centers. As you may learn from studying the chakras, the 3 lower ones carry all of the energy associated with self worth and self esteem. They carry our relationships with abundance and creativity, they also carry the fears we have about safety and survival. 

As the Divine life force energy is held, unable to rise, it mixes with all of the fear and trauma held in these centers creating Sexual energy. This sexual energy is born from two parts, one is the Divine Life force that only seeks one path, union in the heart as love, and reunion back to its place of Divine origin. The other part is the specific memory or trauma of separation from self. When these two energies mix together the result is an energy driven by the idea, purpose and need for union, directed by a trauma that experienced separation from self or the true identity.

Two things can happen with Sexual energy: one it can be released through the opening of the reproductive organs and sent in the direction of what it longs to unify with; or two, it will be repressed. In which case the sexual energy will build and along with it the the confusion of union energy mixed with the traumatic memories (now subconscious) of separation. 

Sexual energy is the energy we are born forth from in this life. It carries the union of our mother and father as the spark that created us. It is essentially the first thing that connects us to our parents, the energy of family and to love. When our sexual energy is stimulated, it reminds us of this connection and the feelings and memories of this union. Its desire is to experience and discover the absolute truth or source of its energy, to awaken in full expression within us, as love. This is the longing we all so desire, this is the longing we feeeeel inside of the sexual energy. It is the Divine Life force within us longing to make it home to itself, longing to return to love, creation, union. But inside of this feeling we can also feel something else, if we pay attention. You may not notice it right away if you are in a relationship that is new or unchallenged. But it is there. Buried, hidden, held within the subconscious mind, right where you left it. The trauma, the memory of separation, the memory of cutting off from something you did not understand, something you were not ready to understand, to look at. If you tune into it, you can feel it, hiding there, you may not know what it is, but you can feel it, the separation from self, sitting like a hole inside you. No matter how much we want our partner, family, children, career and possessions to fulfill it, it remains there, unfulfilled. Only those of us who truly have the courage, or the loss of patience to pretend, will look at it and acknowledge this feeling, acknowledge this emptiness.

It is here where this deep longing, this lust, passion and desire for union is driving you. It is here where the sexual energy is bringing you, to this feeling of separation. And it is here where you can uncover what your subconscious mind has done so well to hide from you and begin to discover the healing power of sexual energy.

When you realize that sexual energy is driving you towards that which you ultimately seek, which is union with self, love and creation, you can begin to pay attention to the trauma it is pointing to. When you realize that sexual fantasies and obsessions arise from that which needs healing within you, that what you feel separated from, that it is the very traumas you have hidden within the subconscious mind that are being played out through lust and fixation, you can start a new relationship of healing through the self study of sexual desires. 

At the root of every fantasy, obsession, and fixation is an aspect of your self just waiting to be reunited with. Analyzing the qualities, details, and specifics of every desire will begin unraveling the clues of when, how, why, who and what aspects of yourself you separated from. Analyzing and diving underneath the feelings of lust and into the hurt, hatred, disgust, and defeat, will show you what pain the trauma holds for you.

Healing with sexual energy is a profound and advanced practice. It requires significant maturity to recognize what hate and hurt you have been harboring towards the masculine and feminine and how it has been manifesting through sexual energy. It requires the ability to accept responsibility for our own unconscious actions, to forgive and release any guilt or judgment that has accumulated and open ourselves up honestly to what we have been hiding, denying and lying to ourselves about.

Only then can we begin to heal. Only then will we have the ability to truly link all the missing pieces back together and see how our childhood traumas have been reenacting themselves in every way possible trying to get us back to look at ourselves in order to find union.

It is when you realize, that the pain you felt from an abusive father authority, mother abandonment or any other infinite scenario’s has manifest itself as a traumatic block directing Divine life force energy out of the lower centers into some sexual fantasy. It is then that you can finally identify the trauma, recognize what you have been holding, release and free the energy back upward towards your heart that you will find what you have always been looking for, love.

It may be a long process to heal and awaken all aspects of self and finally achieve the full love and unity we have been looking for, but remember with little trauma we heal, love pours in take its place.

Ancient Wisdom




Imbolc is one of eight festivals which are part of the wheel of the year, and it is celebrated at the end of January/ beginning of February. It is the festival of reawakening and the celebration of the Divine Spark of inspiration. 

In ancient times, people were connected to the cycles of the season, and celebrations were held for each one of the festivals. The festivals are linked to the harvest season, the planting of seeds, growing of the food and the bringing in of the crops. In our modern world, with a plentitude of food available in our grocery stores, we have become disconnected from these cycles and dismiss the important gift each festival holds for us. It is the time now where we are being invited to return to this ancient wisdom.

Even if you aren’t growing your own foods, each festival carries a very specific and potent energy that you can utilize for your own creation process.

The past months have all been about going within. The harvest season finished with Samhain and we moved to the longest night of the year which we celebrated on the Winter Solstice. This time has been all about going within, connecting to the seeds (visions, dreams) that are in our heart and that are longing to be expressed. It is in the darkness of the winter months where these seeds have been growing. 

Even though we still see winter around us, in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere the ground is covered with snow, the sun has returned. Underneath the snow, the sap is rising, the earth is reawakening, and the bulbs are starting to push through the earth. 

Energetically, we are still in a place of quietude, but as the seeds of the earth are awakening, so are our visions and dreams for the coming year. We are being called to stay in a place of stillness a bit longer in order to pay attention to the visions that are arising within ourselves. When we can see our visions, we know how to prepare for them.

Take this time to move into that stillness. Mediate or journal on this energy. See what visions you are being asked to pay attention to. How can you bring these visions into reality? What is it that your soul and heart is wanting to birth forth? Take note. Make a game plan. And see what unfolds. 

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