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Parallel Lives

Have you ever wondered about parallel lives? Where another aspect of yourself is living in a different reality or dimension? Ever thought to yourself, how does this work? What does this mean?

There is one specific journey into the Akasha I remember that linked all of my questions I had about parallel lives into one. 

This reading took place several years ago while I was living on the island of Hawaii. I remember waking up one morning feeling very tired, like I needed to spend most of the day resting. I thought to myself “Geeze, sometimes it seems so hard to get anything done.” I was feeling very discouraged about not being able to make any progress on a specific project I was working on. So I decided to look at it.

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. I called upon my highest self to please guide me to the most helpful information for me at this time. I gave thanks and asked permission from the Lords of Akasha to grant me access within and the journey began. 

I remember being taken to a planet where I experienced waking and cracking out of a gooey filled shell, like I was hatching from inside of a large egg. As I emerged, I looked around me to find other… “siblings?”… also hatching. The planet was very foreign and alien to me. The more time I spent here feeling into the energy and connecting into my surroundings, the more I began gaining clarity and receiving information about what was going on. I realized that I was on a fairly new planet and we “the hatchlings” were one of the first species to emerge here. It was sort of a lizard like form, very basic and instinctual. It felt very simple. I felt very simple in my ability and mobility. There wasn’t much going on, just moving about and finding food. However, it was different from earth or at least being human. I could sense another “sense”, a sort of collective telepathy that was taking place. It was less about actual language that was being communicated and more like each lizard broadcasting how it was feeling and what they were discovering. For example, if it was hungry, if it had found food, if it was fighting among others or if it was wounded and needed help.


What was even more interesting is that when I tune into this lifetime, in this present moment, I can begin to reconnect with this parallel life and access more information. This is ultimately the nature of parallel lives: you are connected to them and when you calm your perception and learn to perceive beyond this present awareness they awaken to you. 


My journey continued as my higher self navigated my awareness around to several other lives that I was currently experiencing on other planets in other bodies. What I realized after connecting to all these different forms and aspects of my greater self is that our experience is not limited to only what I perceive life to be here on earth. It’s so much more cosmic than what I had ever opened my awareness to, and there is so much more going on than I could have ever possibly realized.


What my higher self revealed to me is that earth is a very dense plane of existence. The densest that I am currently inhabiting. Which is why when those of us embodied here on earth open our conscious perception, we see this reality first. This density offers an extremely valuable experience or education about the Universe, Creation and our ability to operate with it. Being that this planet is rooted in elements, it’s like we are literally “mining” elements of information through our experiences here on Earth. It can seemingly be a much more difficult plane of existence than the more ethereal or astral realms, but none the less valuable. My analogy is “When you are able to master sculpting stone, just imagine what you can do with either!”


We are living parallel lives simultaneously throughout the Universe. Ever felt like there was an aspect of yourself that you just can’t find the words or energy to express here? Like there is just more to you than you’re able to access? It’s because you are tapping into and sensing a parallel aspect of yourself that knows how to express itself in a way that is not available here on earth.


Our soul aspect has multiple expressions that make up the great whole of our being. These parallel selves communicate to each other like satellites creating a network across the stars. They are all connected to you. So, for example, when you are experiencing a breakthrough on Earth that surfaces new information for you and gives you new guidance in this life, you immediately broadcast the signal to your other aspects who pick up the information and put whatever they can to use in their own realm, planet or dimension. It’s like a giant relay system constantly communicating new information back and forth and growing from what it learns.


When you look up at the stars to those brilliant never ending celestial bodies of light energy and information, realize that it’s you, me and everyone, who is up there. We are all simultaneously expanding the universe together through the unlocking of our experiences here and everywhere. This makes sense why science explains that the universe is constantly expanding. 


So if you ever find yourself feeling small, insignificant or like you are not making any progress in life, all you need to do is take a deep breath, relax, open your awareness and remember you are doing way more than you could ever imagine. See if you can feel it!      

Why the Law Of Attraction Doesn’t (Always) Work

I first heard about the Law of Attraction back in 2006. It was the time of “The Secret” movie, the time of really learning how to manifest through positive thinking and visualization. I had done Louise Hay’s work prior to it, positive affirmations to change my mindset and with it my life. 

As good as everything that I was learning felt, my visualization never really took off. I was doing tons and tons of positive affirmations, yet the reality was that I didn’t witness a lot or barely any changes in my life.

As much as I had been excited about the things I was learning, I was becoming frustrated with my life not shifting to the extend that I had hoped for. What was going on? Was I doing something wrong? Was it that I didn’t get the technique “right”?

Do you ever feel that way? You’re doing all the positive mindset work and yet you’re not witnessing the desired change in your life??

Well, here’s the solution: dual identities!

“What is that?!”, you might be asking.

In order to explain it to you, we have to take a journey into the Akashic Records. 

Let’s say, in a past lifetime you were the son of the Pharao of Egypt, heir to the throne. You lived in a palace, were surrounded by wealth and never had to worry about money. You loved architecture and were creating the most beautiful addition to the palace building. You had lavish clothing, there was an abundance of incredible food, and people who were fulfilling your every need…you were financially set for life!

This experience might have created the following identities:

  • “I am wealthy.”
  • “Abundance comes to me with ease.”
  • “I deserve to be prosperous.”
  • “I am financially taken care of.”
  • “It is easy for me to create wealth.”

Then a betrayal happened at the palace. Your father’s younger brother, your uncle, had always wanted more power. So he conspired against your father, took over the throne and exiled you and your family. For the remainder of your life you lived in poverty. Since you never learned a trade, you had to take on odd jobs trying to make ends meet. You married a woman you loved, but it was a struggle providing for her and your children.

This experience then created the following identities:

  • “I am poor.”
  • “I have to struggle financially.”
  • “It is hard for me to make money.”
  • “I have to take whatever job I am given to make ends meet.”
  • “Abundance is only for a selected few.”

In this lifetime, you’d like to become a famous architect and create lots of abundance. You have a passion for your career, a desire to live a lavish lifestyle and deep down inside you know this dream is possible for you. Yet, things don’t seem to work out. You only get jobs at architectural firms that don’t excite you and that pay very little. So you start doing positive affirmations, still nothing shifts. Why? Because you have dual identities!!!

On one hand, you believe that everything you desire is possible for you. After all, you’ve lived it before! Doing positive affirmations is strengthening that knowing. At the same time, you also carry the exact opposite identity, namely that it is hard to make money and that you have to take whatever job is given to you.

Because you carry opposing identities, they compete with one another. You go for what you want, and the counter identity tells you “You can’t do it.”

Here is another scenario:

Back in Atlantis you were the High Priestess of the temple. Your intuitive abilities were fully present, you were teaching others how to access them as well, and the people around you not only respected but also honored you for your gifts.

This experience might have created the following identities:

  • “Others respect me for my gifts.”
  • “I have powerful intuitive abilities.”
  • “It is a joy to share my psychic gifts with others.”
  • “It is easy for me to access my intuitive gifts.”

Then a group of invaders came to Atlantis and destroyed your temple. Because the invaders felt threatened by your abilities, you had to swear an oath to never use your intuitive gifts again. They told you that if you used your psychic gifts, they’d kill you.

This experience then created the following identities:

  • “It is dangerous to use my psychic abilities.”
  • “I have to hide my intuitive gifts.”
  • “I will be killed if I access my psychic gifts.”
  • “Others feel threatened by my psychic power.”

In this lifetime you’d really love to do intuitive healing work. You know you have these gifts, and yet at the same time you are scared of using them. You might do some work on your closest friends, but don’t feel good sharing your gifts in public.

No matter how many positive affirmations you say, the fear is still present. This is because your Atlantean lifetime created a dual identity: at first it was a joy to use your gifts, then your life was threatened because of it.

So, what to do??

If you’re practicing the law of attraction or doing positive affirmations or mindset work, and things aren’t shifting, it is very likely that there are counter negative energies (identities, thoughts or emotions) present in your subconscious mind. 

See if you can tap into these thoughts or emotions. What is present? What is that you have to come to believe about yourself or the world that is limiting you? What emotions are you feeling? These thoughts or emotions might not make sense to you at first. Allow whatever is there to reveal itself. 

Then clear out the old. Speak a declaration. Visualize the old energy leaving. Do whatever it takes to transform the old identities that have been limiting you.

If you do so, the new that you’ve been visualizing and affirming will finally have room to come in!

(P.S.:Stay tuned as we will be releasing some awesome tools on how to access and clear these old identities.)

Self Love – Self Care

Spiritual Healing


The concept of spiritual healing is a profound one. It goes beyond all laws of this material world and enters into a realm of it own domain, the spiritual realm.

Spiritual healing is the process of connecting into an aspect of the Divine in which a healing transmission is then received. This Divine aspect can really be anything, and it has much more to do with what you are willing to be open to verses where or what it is actually coming from.

For many people spiritual healing comes from a religious icon, God or deity, one that they have created a close relationship with. But regardless of faith, all that is truly necessary is the simple willingness to accept that it is possible, and available, to receive the Divine energy within you.

Throughout history, from all different cultures around the world there are stories upon stories of spiritual healing and Divine miracles. They are as numerous as the imagination is vast, from little things like precious items materializing in someones hands, fresh water springs popping up out of the ground where ceremonial prayers were performed, to the removal of illness, disease or even death in certain circumstances. 

Even today spiritual healing and Divine Miracles are recorded around the world. You may be familiar with the spiritual healer “John of God” performing medical miracles on a daily basis, or other enlightened masters bestowing healing blessings upon their students. One only needs the desire to look to find countless miracles happen all around us.

So how can we work with this energy? How can we bring it into our own lives and experience it directly for ourselves?

For me, spiritual healing is about cultivating a daily relationship with the Divine. Finding a specific aspect, manifestation or embodiment of the Divine that you truly connect with, one that you feel in complete and utter trust with. One that you can open your heart to fully and surrender into the space of Divine love with. It is in this place of trust, openness and  surrender, that true healing, Divine healing takes place. 

This is why it is important to cultivate your connection daily. To work with this energy and communicate with the form/s you are choosing the Divine consciousness to come through to you, embodied as, to get to the level of comfort and connection where you can channel the Divine into you. This is spiritual healing, this is the place where you allow all ideas of reality and aspects of self to lift just enough to let the light of Divine love in.

Find this place of trust and surrender within you, create the space, where you open yourself up to the infinite eternal energy of creation of the Divine. It may take some time to get there; it may take some time to work through the pain and hurt you hold from feeling separate, but it’s ok. Remain present with your feelings and present them to the light. 

It is in this process, this act, of opening and revealing yourself, revealing your true feelings to the presence and image of Divine love, where the miracle of spiritual healing shines.  

Essential Oil of the Week:

This is one of the oils that is on the list of my must haves. I always have one at my house, and usually a second one in my purse to carry around with me.

It is a great pick me up oil, it lifts your spirit, brightens the energy, and it is a powerful healer.

Peppermint also has a positive effect on the respiratory system. Add it to your diffuser or apply it around the lung area of your body for a powerful clearing.

It is an amazing oil to help with anything related to digestion. You know about peppermint tea, right? Try this oil as a highly concentrated version of the tea and see what happens. If I have digestive issues, I take the oil internally as well as putting it around my naval and on the reflexology points of my feet.

It has worked wonders during headaches by just applying a couple of drops on the forehead. 

Other amazing properties of this oil are: purifies and stimulates the mind, increases mental clarity, focus and concentration. Uplifting, calming and cleansing. It has also been proven as a greta defense against harmful microbes, skin conditions and back problems. 

Young Living oils are food grade level (there’s also a Peppermint Vitality oil available). I add a drop of oil to my water (hot or cold) or even smoothie as a quick “pick me up”.

Order your Peppermint Oil HERE

(P.S.: If you’re interested in becoming a Young Living Distributor, please contact us. It is an easy way to supplement your income. And it’s so rewarding spreading the energy of goodness!)


What we are listening to….





Last week we shared the story of how a special mantra helped Kristie to write her first book. (Read the full story HERE)

Today we want to continue introducing you to some incredible music with powerful mantras. Mantras have a potent capacity to shift energy, in our environment as well as within ourselves. They can clear the energy of a space, bring in a vibration of love, joy and light, and even release lower vibrational energies and spirits.

Mantras also have the power to heal ourselves. Everything in the universe is vibration, is sound. When we get sick, it means that our vibration is out of alignment, our sound is in disharmony. Chanting mantras helps us to realign our vibration and bring balance back to the music within ourselves.

The mantras on this CD are super powerful.

First, we have the Ek One Kar. It has been said that chanting this mantra for 2 1/2 hours per day right before sunrise, for 40 consecutive days will bring you liberation from old Karma. There are specific locks and breathing sequences that go with the mantra (we are currently teaching those in our “Indigo Warrior Training” class). If you don’t know the locks and breathing technique, just start chanting and see what shifts.

There are two more additional tracks on this CD that bring in miracles: The Sacred Gobinday and Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur. You’ll also have the chant for the Heart Opening Sat Nam. 

Here is the description from the Rootlight website: “The sound vibrations on this CD greatly amplify one’s ability to manifest the things they want in this life. When practiced with reverence, these sacred words of power will elevate the self into the bosom of the Divine and establish a direct link with the Spirit.”

No matter if you’re consciously sitting down and chanting the mantras, or if you are playing the mantras while doing other things, they have the power to shift your energy and bring in miracle and magic!

Click HERE to order!

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