Akashic Insights 

Lifetimes – Gift of the Present

As you may have discovered, the Akasha is an infinite resource that can reveal worlds upon worlds, literally, of information regarding who we are and where we are coming from.

Held within is a history of all the places and events that have ever unfolded throughout your existence. With the Healer perspective we can explore this Akashic information to uncover the exact points in our cosmic existence where we suffered extreme physical trauma, where we accepted a false truth about who we really are and what is possible within this realm of creation.

In each and every lifetime we recreate the unhealed wounds that we still carry from our past.

We magnetically attract the scenarios that lead to the reoccurrence of these traumas. The details will always move around from lifetime to lifetime but the core wounds will remain intact within your center as a sort of generator of recreation. 

As repetitively painful this program seems, like the Universe is playing a cruel trick on us, the reality of this program is born from the Cosmic Consciousness of the Divine. It can be viewed as a purification mechanism of sorts, a recalibration system built within us that never ceases to find and realign us to our true center and source, love. 

So our traumas repeat, they cycle and recycle around us like a ring around Saturn, never allowing us to get too far away from that which is seeking resolution. This magnetic hula hoop of wounds continues to whirl around us influencing and creating our reality. 

The blessing of this wonderfully annoying curse of a  mechanism, recreating our wounds over and over, every lifetime, is the opportunity to see it plain as day right there, and clear it, every time. It requires no psychic gifts or special abilities to uncover, only the willingness to look at what happened. The courage to stop walking away, adverse in reaction and stop for a moment. 

In this lifetime the memory is there, the recreation of these wounds are here. They are not just some ancient mystery that needs solving. They are right here like a childhood toy broken and forgotten tossed underneath your bed. All of the clues to where you feel separate from Source, Love and the abundant connection you know you truly belong to are here.  

The Akasha can reveal all of your trauma’s cosmic origins, in full original detail, and the reasons for their existence. But if you just sit down for a moment, maybe two, and think about what pain you remember experiencing from this lifetime in your childhood, what you accepted about yourself as a result, that led you to choosing the spot where you find yourself today, you may just solve the biggest puzzle in history. 

You may realize that it was all only you, right from the beginning. When you realize all the pain you have ever gone through was just the lesson in revealing the truth that you are a Creator. And what you’ve accepted happened to you, you’ve been a re-creator ever since. You have birthed it forth as your own creation of self over and over. That your pain from the past was never defining who you are – the Universe was just showing you the power of choosing.  

So what did you choose? What did you tell yourself from childhood that one by one slit from from the union you were born with right from the beginning. This life is a mini cosmos of all your lives. And all the answers are just sitting here, waiting for you to discover your true power and re-create something that reflects the Divine connection you have always had and have always wanted to explore.

Honoring Your Intuition

Last night I was making dinner: rice and stir fried vegetables. When I opened the pantry to pick out the rice, we had three different kinds available: basmati, brown rice and long grain white rice. I was really feeling the basmati rice with our veggies last night. As I was reaching for it, I suddenly heard my inner voice going, “Jivananda might want to make some uttapam with this.” 

As we only had about a cup left, I retracted my hand from the basmati rice and decided to go for the long grain white rice instead (it tasted yummy as well, by the way).

This morning, after breakfast, Jivananda turned to me saying, “I am really craving some uttapam. I’m gonna start the batter.”

Puh, good that I didn’t use that basmati. Now, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. But it is storming here in Northern California and since we live in the countryside the closest store is about 20 min away. It would have been quite a deal to get just that one cup of basmati we needed for the recipe. 

I was so glad I listened to my intuition. Honestly, I’d rather sit at home today with a cup of chai tea and write these articles for you than driving through the rain on the windy roads to make our way to the store. 

The reason why I wanted to share this story with you is this: we sometimes expect our intuition to be this big psychic thing that is giving us the answers to life’s mysteries. We sit around waiting for the big reveal to happen and wonder when it might come.

And yes, I did experience some of these big loud reveals in my life. But most of the time it was the soft sound of my inner voice that would lead me to the most magical experiences in my life.  

(Not just saving the basmati rice for Jivanada’s uttapam!)

Our intuition speaks to us softly. It whispers to us in a quiet voice, guiding us, supporting us, and showing us the way. 

I want to hereby invite you to listen to these quiet whispers when they show up. Stop ignoring them and start listening. They are here to lead you to as much to your purpose as they are a guiding light into the magic that is waiting for you!

P.S.: Check out this week’s recipe section for Jivananda’s uttapam recipe!

Recipe of the Week:


South Indian Uttapam


Jivananda: “The path of following spirit has led me to many places. In my mid 20’s, I found myself reconnecting to an ancient culture that has held the root of my soul’s heart on this planet for quite some time.

After spending over 4 months living in a village in South India, stirring up many memories of past lifetimes here, I found myself remembering and I couldn’t prevent myself from helplessly falling back in love with its ancient cuisine. 

So many familiar feelings brought up with aroma and scent of fresh spices and foods being traditionally prepared from this southern sweet land. I get emotional just thinking about it!

Everyday for morning and evening tiffin (light meal) I would visit the local cafeteria style restaurant at an ashram near to where I was staying to nourish myself on the hot fermented bliss of the South Indian Uttapam.

Upon returning to the states, my heart began to long for this motherland I had re-discovered and connected to. I found the best way to satisfy my longing and experience a brief a moment of reunion was by learning how to make the food of my ancient home. 

This recipe is what I call a typical dosa batter. In South India they make several different dishes using this same batter, all of which I love, but it is the Uttapam I like best! “

Heads up, recipe takes over 48 hours to prepare.


Uttapam Batter


  • 3 cups Idly rice       (can substitute basmati)
  • 1 cup Urad Dhal     (this is a white lentil that is sold in most Indian grocery stores or online)
  • Small handful of fenugreek seeds                              

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl or half gallon mason jar. Rinse 3 times and fill with equal parts of water to soak, cover and let sit for 24 hours.

Uncover and strain, saving about a 1/2 cup of original liquid. Place soaked grains and 1/2 cup of water in blender and top with water till you have 1/4 inch covering grains. (blend in 2 batches if necessary, depending on your blender size)

Blend until very smooth. You want to remove all graininess if possible. You may have to blend up to 8 mins.

Pour back into a large bowl or divine and pour into (2) 1/2 gallon mason jars. Cover and let sit for another 24 hours. Make sure you have plenty of room in your bowl and jars for batter to rise. You want just as much rising room as you have batter as it may double in size.

Uncover, add 2 tsp of salt to the batter bowl and stir. If using mason jars, add 1 tsp each. Batter is ready to cook!

Heat up a cast iron skillet or nonstick pan. Make sure your iron is well seasoned, scoop 1 tsp of coconut oil in pan for frying. Pour in a pancake sized circle of the Uttapam batter. 

Uttapam will be ready to flip when you see small bubbles appear evenly around the whole Uttapam. Cooked Uttapam should be a nice dark amber color.

Serve hot with a traditional sombar, coconut chutney, or a quick dipping sauce.

Batter can keep up to 2 weeks refrigerated.


Tomato dipping sauce 

  • 1/2 half a jar of your favorite marinara sauce.
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1/3 of an onion chopped
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1/2 tsp coriander
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • pinch of cayenne pepper

Sauté onion and garlic with 1 tsp of coconut oil in a sauce pan for 3 mins, add all remaining ingredients and cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally.


Ancient Wisdom


Navigating through ancient wisdom to find your purpose 

I can’t really remember how old I was… maybe it was around age 7 or 8. My parents used to be in a book club and each month they’d bring home a special book for them to read. I was a really adamant reader myself, and even though I was only 8 years old, I was fascinated with the books my parents had.

One day my dad brought home a book that really caught my attention. “Die ungelösten Geheimnisse dieser Welt” by Charles Berlitz. 

(I am from Germany and this was the German book title. I did some research for you to find the English title and from what I have found “Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds” might be the English equivalent- unfortunately none of the sources I have found so far confirm it. What I found out though is that it is a complication of four of Charles Berlitz’ books: “The Bermuda Triangle”, “The Mystery of Atlantis”, “Without a Trace” and “The Philadelphia Experiment”. Just click on the book title for more info.)

Somehow I was magnetically drawn to the book and to one of the words on the cover page: ATLANTIS. Now, I had never heard that word until then, but it opened up all kinds of questions for me. What was Atlantis? What was that lost continent that Charles Berlitz talked about? Did it really exist? 

Question, after question, after question… I kept asking, but no one really knew the answers. Eventually I stopped asking and put my curiosity about Atlantis aside. It was not until years later that I reconnected to it. Stepping onto the spiritual path opened up that door again…

At that time there was more information accessible for me. I found more books and more teachers who talked about Atlantis and its significance for today’s world. 

Then I had my first past life regression. My friend Colette is a hypnotherapist and offered to take me back into past lifetimes. When I showed up at her house for the session, I knew where I wanted to go: “Colette, I really want to go into my past lifetime in Atlantis.” “No one goes back to Atlantis in their first regression”, she answered. Well, to Colette’s surprise, I did! 

It was a very significant experience for me. After that, information after information opened up. Eventually I learned how to access the Akashic Records and with that my own past lifetimes, learning more about Atlantis and its important role in human history. Then I started working with clients, and session after session would take me back to Atlantean times. At some point I checked in with guidance asking why this was happening. Why was I working with all these “ancient Atlanteans”? Why was I receiving massive amounts of information about Atlantis and taken back there constantly?

I was told, “This is part of your life purpose.” Bang!

Who would have thought that when I picked up Charles Berlitz’ book about Atlantis?! 

It is true though: throughout our life, and quite often even in our early childhood, we receive information connected to our life’s mission. Since we are not taught to pay attention to these signs we often disregard it. For many years I had forgotten about Atlantis until it came back to me very strongly. 

As we are shifting to a higher frequency on this planet, much of the ancient wisdom is reawakening. Many of us are starting to remember past lifetimes and feel a strong interest arise about ancient cultures. In Germany and the UK, there is a constant stream of new books coming out about Celtic wisdom and the Avalonian times. 

I’ve been seeing more and more books on ancient Egypt, as well as Mayan, Aztec and Toltec wisdom. Cabalistic mystics are now sharing information that only a few years ago people would have gotten killed if they had made this knowledge public. Shamanic practices that were suppressed or hidden for centuries are being made available once again. Sacred knowledge that has been part of the traditions of India has been making its way into the Western culture. 

We are remembering and reawakening!

Many of us have been present during these incredible times. Many of us had to suppress this information, go into hiding and practice it in secret. The time has come though that we are being asked to once again bring this knowledge forth. 

Gaia is returning a 5th dimensional frequency. Much of this ancient knowledge is here to help us heal that split from our higher dimensional self and help others to do the same.

If you have felt a calling to connect more to the ancient wisdom, then start studying it. The desire to learn more is there for a reason. Find the topics that interest you and read about it. Connect to the teachers who can share more information with you. Meditate and see what comes through when you become quiet. 

Within your DNA memory this knowledge has always been present. Even though your conscious mind might have not remembered it, your unconscious mind never forgot. As this planet is awakening, so is this knowledge within you, and it is here to be expressed by you through your unique voice.  

It might just be that by recalling this wisdom, you will find your purpose!

Essential Oil of the Week:

Stay healthy during this rainy season with this powerful essential oil!

ImmuPower is a combination of Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Cistus, Frankincense, Oregano, Clove, Cumin, and Dorado Azul essential oils.

It has the ability to strengthen your immune system and repair the DNA in your cells.

This essential oil blend has strong anti-infectious, anti-septic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Frankincense stimulates the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus to amplify immunity. Clove is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and prevents cellular DNA damage. All other oils combat colds, flu and infections.

Diffuse this oil in your home, or put it in a spray bootle with water and distribute it into your aura. 

Order HERE to get your ImmuPower Essential Oil Blend! All other oils are available as single oils through this link as well!

(P.S.: If you’re interested in becoming a Young Living Distributor, please contact us. It is an easy way to supplement your income. And it’s so rewarding spreading the energy of goodness!)


What we are reading….

…or better said, listening to!

A few years ago, back in 2006, I was introduced to Lake Shrine, Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashram and temple in Pacific Palisades. I had heard of Yogananda’s work through my yoga teacher uncle and it has sounded interesting. I had even picked up his book, but prior to coming to Lake Shrine had never really gotten into reading it. 

I guess, there is a lot to say about Divine timing! 

Because this time around it was different. Being at Lake Shrine and in Yogananda’s energy really brought the magic of his teachings to me. I started attending Sunday morning services, going to Friday night meditation, studying Kriya Yoga and finally read “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

What a tremendous experience! 

Not only is this book a beautiful sharing of Yogananda’s story in his own words, his search for a teacher (as a kid he used to run away from home in search for an illumined teacher to guide him in his spiritual quest, but would always get caught and brought back home by his older brother); his relationship with his Guru Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri (the teacher who he finally found at age 17); and the establishing of Self-Realization Fellowship in the US.

This book gives us insights into the ancient traditions of India, the mysticism, miracles and magic that are still very unknown to many Westerners. It is a beautiful testimony of what is possible beyond the illusion of the physical.

We recently bought the audio version of “Autobiography of a Yogi” and are absolutely loving it. Ready by Sir Ben Kingsley, it really brings out the power as well as the innocence of Yogananda’s presence and the beauty of his teachings.

Listening to the audio book, there were so many times when we had goosebumps as we literally felt the voice of Yogananda coming through…

Check out the audio book version HERE or the printed copy HERE!

This week’s hook up:

“The 12 Sacred Nights” Mini Course

As we already shared with you, “The 12 Sacred Nights” is an ancient tradition and a powerful transformation tool. The time between December 24 and January 5 is a period of inner reflection and peace. It is not too late to use this powerful tool to create a magical 2019!!

This time invites us to become still and to go within. It is a powerful time to review the past year, give gratitude for what went well, transform and let go of what didn’t. 

By letting go of the old we can then gain clarity of our inner desires and make room for the new to come in.

We love celebrating this time of the year, and this year want to share it with you. That’s why we created an online mini course to support you through this magical time. The course is to empower you to really step into your heart’s desire. It is only $29.99 and you’ll have lifetime access to it. Which means you can go through it every year from now on.

It is not too late to dive into this energy and use the powerful transformation that the 12 Sacred Nights hold.


Course Content:

In this course you will receive powerful tools to let go of the old and help you transform what is no longer in alignment with you. You will receive tools on how to gain clarity on your path for the coming year and how to manifest your deepest wishes and dreams. This course is not just about setting intentions for the new year, but to make room for the new to come in. For 12 nights, you will receive the tools to help you create a game plan on how to set up your life for the coming year, so that you can move forward feeling clear and confident of where you are going!

The course includes an introductory video with information on the 12 Sacred Nights, a manual to get you ready and tips for a powerful transformation. For each night you will receive a PDF with space to fill in your daily oracle cards and energies of the night as well as questions to journal on. You will also receive a daily exercise or tool to help you integrate the shifts.

Since each one of the sacred night is connected to a specific energy (one is for letting go, another one for manifesting, yet another one for forgiveness and gratitude), we have assembled questions for each night that help you connect to its particular energy and use it for a powerful transformation.

Go HERE to get your “12 Sacred Nights Course” and prepare for an amazing 2019!

P.S.: You can use this course each year during the scared nights in order to clear the past year and become clear about your vision for the new year.


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