Akashic Insights 

The Power of Story!

We are here, right now, in this moment. Everything that surrounds us comes from a story of the past. All of the projections we have about the future are shaped from these stories. They tell us who we are and where we came from. They tell us how we should operate based on who we are. What if you were to move forward from this moment without any awareness of what happened up to this point, who would you be?

As eternal souls, we are living inside of endless stories. Each life we convince ourselves that this is our truth. We identify with and accept every physical aspect as our truth and operate as if this is the only thing that is real. Let’s take a look at this more closely, shall we…

Let’s imagine that you were born female in a small town. Your parents were farmers. Your mother worked in the family garden growing and preparing food, and taking care of you and your siblings. She would help your dad out with various projects throughout the year as crops were planted and come in from the harvest. You have two siblings, a brother and a sister, both younger.  

Growing up on a farm you grew in love with animals. You learned how to care for them tending their needs daily. This love developed into the desire to help people. Science and medicine fascinated you which prompted your interest to pursue a degree in medicine, ultimately leading you down the career path to become a family doctor. 

You married just after graduation with a man you fell in love with in medical school. You live together in a beautiful home raising two children of your own. Staying connected to your roots, you garden and teach your children about nature, the earth and healthy food.  

Now, let take a moment to identify what this story tells you about who you are? 

You are a woman, a daughter of farmers and an older sister. You are a doctor, a wife and a mother. 

How do these identities make you feel? 

These are the details of your story. If you accept your story as your truth, this is who you tell yourself you are. And if so, then you accept the limitations of your self and bind yourself to this identity. Sure you always have room to grow, but this becomes your foundation of truth keeping you fixed, placing you in the role of a character limiting you precisely to your perspective of self.   

In the Akashic perspective of the eternal soul this is just one picture of the entire movie of your life. Think about trying to figure out the plot of a movie you’re watching by pausing it on one scene and describing the details you see. Hmmmmm, what to make of this… All sorts of unanswerable questions come up?  

It is the same for the doctor. If she is a woman, where does the masculine exist? Where does God exist? What is the purpose of her story? How did she get here? Why is she here? What happens next?  

Now, let’s try telling yourself another story. How do you feel when you tell yourself this one? Your true identity is a beam of golden light, illuminating from source and extending throughout all of creation; you are the extension of the Divine you are timeless, infinite, eternal, and absolute. You have no fixed shape, gender or body, only the awareness of moving in and out of form, ever growing, ever expanding, ever light. 

Mmmmmmm… can you feel it!? 

If we think of the details of life not as who we are but as topics in the earth academy your soul has come here to learn and understand more about, it all begins to make sense. 

When you realize that you are choosing to come here to learn about your eternal nature and unlock yourself from lifetimes of stories you have created and drag along with you, you can begin to use the roles you find yourself in as a means to go further. You can begin to “study” these roles and learn why you are playing them, why you created them and what they are teaching you. 

When we identify with this truth we can dissolve the false concepts that keep us bound to a separate reality leaving behind the stories of a wounded past. We open ourselves up to the infinite expression of self, source and love. We can step into the illumination, the light and become it. 

What story have you been telling yourself? How is it helping you to fulfill the questions of your heart, mind and spirit? Are you just a character in your story or are you the one creating it?

Self Love, Self Care:


Taking in the beauty

The winter holiday season truly is a special time of the year. Aside from all of the hustle and bustle of trying to make things just right for the family celebration, this season does spark a genuine consideration for others.

It feels good to show affection by going the extra mile expressing appreciation for family and loved ones. It warms the heart to make them feel special and thank them for being in your life.

It is also easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving and forget to take a breath and a moment of inward gratitude for yourself. If you feel like you are in need of a little rejuvenation, here is a simple and lovely daily practice that helps reflect the love around you within you.

Invite yourself on a solo walk, just you, the fresh air and silence. No need to talk, just walk and breath. As you step out, set your intention to take in only beauty. Gift yourself the opportunity of absorbing only that which stimulates the feeling of appreciation. 

As you walk navigate your sight through the trees, notice the rays of sun falling on the ground. See the birds fly by and receive their songs. Listen to the wind blow gently across the leaves, and feel the stillness of the earth. 

If a thought tries to take your awareness away, clear it by taking your focus back to the beauty. Scan over the landscape wherever you are, stopping only to gaze upon that which brings you peace and gratitude for the wonder and beauty that life truly is.         

Recipe of the Week:

Norwegian Yulekake 


Every Christmas my family has been celebrating many Norwegian traditions that my great grandmother brought over from Norway. My favorite is Yulekake. It’s warm, sweet and spiced aroma has the signature feeling of the winter holidays.

Being unable to physically reunite annually for our family celebration I decided to create the next best thing by bringing some of our family tradition into our home. If you have a love for homemade bread and cardamom, you’re going to fall into da lake over this one, Yah!


  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1/4 cup miyoko’s cultured cashew butter or coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 5 1/2 tsp of active dry yeast
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup aqua faba (egg replacement)
  • 5 cups organic unbleached flour
  • 2 tsp freshly ground cardamom
  • 1 cup of raisins
  • 1 cup of dried cherries chopped (unsweetened)

Warm the milk in a small sauce pan, med heat. Stir in sugar, butter, and salt. When butter is fully melted turn off and set aside to cool to lukewarm.

In a large mixing bowl pour in warm water and yeast, stir until dissolved. Add the lukewarm milk and stir in the aqua faba.

Add half of the flour 2 1/2 cups, cardamum, raisins and chopped cherries. Stir with a wooden spoon until a pancake like mix is achieved then add the rest of the flour.

Knead dough on cutting board for about 5 mins massaging in the energy of your sweet love. Form one large ball, coat with coconut oil, place on parchment paper and cover with a cloth. Allow the dough to rise for approx. 90 min until the ball is twice the size. (Note room needs to be warm 75-80 degrees) I will often place dough on a pan on the stove top and turn the oven on warm 100 degrees during the rising process. 

Punch dough down and cut into two equal balls. Place balls on 12 inch oven pie plates or cookie sheet with parchment paper. Cover and let rise another round for approx. 60 mins until they double in size.

Preheat oven to 350, place pie plates or cookie sheet into oven and bake for 15-20 mins, until the Yulekake golden brown. 

Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15-20 mins.

Enjoy lightly toasted with a hot beverage and miyoko’s mind blowing cashew butter! 

Happy New Year!

Ancient Wisdom-

The 12 Sacred Nights:


Since our last issue we have celebrated the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere – or Summer Solstice if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. The wheels of time stood still for 3 days and then started to move with the beginning of the 12 Sacred Nights. 

These nights are calculated through the contradiction between the lunar and solar calendar. A lunar cycle has 29.5 days on average, which makes it 354 days a year. The solar calendar has 365 days a year. Which leaves us with a difference of 11 days and 12 nights between the lunar and the solar year. This time is also known as “the time in between years”; the days don’t belong to the old year any longer but are also not part of the new year yet.

These nights started at different times in the different traditions. In ancient Europe, people celebrated the begin of the Sacred Nights with the birth of the Sungod Tyr at the Winter Solstice. The Egyptians had something called an intercalary month or epagomenal days in addition to their calendars’ 12 standard months. They called this time Heriu-renpet. 

During the time of the Roman Empire (143 A.D.), the Romans celebrated New Year’s on January 1 whereas the majority of Europe celebrated it on January 6. During the time of the Carolingian Dynasty, New Years Day was on December 25. When Julius Cesar reformed the Roman calendar and the Julian calendar went into effect (45 A.D.), the Winter Solstice fell on December 25.

As you can see, with the changing of the calendars throughout history, the 12 Sacred Nights used to be celebrated at different times. In most traditions nowadays, the celebration of these nights begins on midnight on December 24. 

The 12 Sacred Nights are a magical time. It is the time where the veils between the worlds are thin. It is a time to review the past year and take account of what went well, what goals you achieved, what you are grateful for and also what you are choosing to let go. 

It is a time to meditate on the seeds that have been slumbering within your heart, the dreams and visions that are ready to be expressed in the new year. It is a powerful time to set goals for the new year and call them into being. 

Each night is connected to a specific month of the year, and by paying attention to the energies of each night, you will receive a preview of the coming year. Each night, you can pull an oracle card that will give you insight of the month connected to the sacred night.

Smudging the house is another custom of the sacred nights. Since the veils to the Otherworld are open during this time people used sacred smoke to keep lower vibrational spirits away and help earthbound souls to ascend to the light. Dried herbs such as sage, frankincense, elderberry bark, or pine sap were used to not only cleanse the house, but to also kill off harmful pathogens that were present during the winter months. 

It is also the time to give gratitude to Mother Earth. These days, food is available to us throughout the year, and most of us are buying it in the stores. Only a small number of people are still planting and harvesting. In the old days, where the people were relying on an abundant harvest in order to survive, they had a deep connection to the land. During the sacred nights they would place a gift outside (that can be a wreath or flowers) and thank Mother Earth for providing for them. People were also connected to the elemental kingdom and would leave food and milk for the elementals during the sacred nights. 

Many legends are associated with this time. It was believed that Odins Wild Hunt was passing through towns at night. In other regions it was Berchta or Holda who was leading the wild hunt and making her way through the villages. People were afraid of the Wild Hunt and believed that encountering these spirits would bring bad luck. They would lock the doors early at night to protect themselves and their loved ones from these energies.

Over the centuries many superstitious beliefs became connected to this time. I don’t really want to address any of them in this article, as I am feeling that these stories are keeping us in a place of fear and being a victim to our environment. What we want to do though is empower you to become the creator of your own life.

So use this time to reflect on what you are choosing to let go and what you are choosing to call in. Find your inner alignment and clarity about where you want to go in the new year. 

When I tune into how this time used to be in the ancient, ancient days, all I am feeling is an energy of peace, of stillness, of going within. An energy of gratitude, letting go and beginning anew. So use this energy to create a powerful and beautiful 2019!

Essential Oil of the Week:


As we are moving from the old into the new year, why not start it with some Abundance.

The combination of Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon and Black Spruce make this a yummy scent.

Since we are talking about ancient wisdom in this issue… 

Orange and Ginger were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. In other cultures, cinnamon sticks were thrown into the fire to bring in wealth. Frankincense has the ability to purify and remove obstacles as well as lower vibrational frequencies. 

Diffuse this oil to open up your field to become receptive for the abundance you desire. 

Order HERE to get your Abundance Essential Oil Blend! All other oils are available as single oils through this link as well!

(P.S.: If you’re interested in becoming a Young Living Distributor, please contact us. It is an easy way to supplement your income. And it’s so rewarding spreading the energy of goodness!)


Reading Recommendation:


Since we are still moving through the 12 Sacred Nights and are in a time of divination, pulling oracle cards, and doing the tarot, we want to introduce you to a tarot card deck I discovered many, many years ago while I was living in Vancouver. 

It is called “Legend: The Arthurian Tarot” by Anna-Marie Ferguson.

This one was my first deck and I am using it to this very day. The cards are connected to the legend of Arthur and are giving us information through the stories and characters of that time. Beautifully illustrated with Celtic artwork, these cards are a powerful guide through the 12 Sacred Nights and beyond. 

The legend of Arthur and stories around Avalon have always been dear to my heart. They hold such magic in them: King Arthur, the Merlin, Morgan Le Fay, Lancelot and Guinevere…the connection to the Otherworld and the mysticism of that time. 

This tarot card deck brings this story to life. Each character holds an important message for us and teaches us about the mysterious world that Avalon was and still is. 

This deck follows the traditional tarot card structure of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. It comes with a 72-page book that describes the mystical character or image and also provides the divinatory meaning of each card.

They also come with a an image of the Celtic Cross for you the lay the cards during the reading. 

Love, love this tarot card deck!!

Click HERE to get yours!

P.S.: Suggestions for Oracle Card decks were in our last issue!

This week’s hook up:

“The 12 Sacred Nights” Mini Course

As we already shared with you, “The 12 Sacred Nights” is an ancient tradition and a powerful transformation tool. The time between December 24 and January 5 is a period of inner reflection and peace. 

This time invites us to become still and to go within. It is a powerful time to review the past year, give gratitude for what went well, transform and let go of what didn’t. 

By letting go of the old we can then gain clarity of our inner desires and make room for the new to come in.

We love celebrating this time of the year, and this year want to share it with you. That’s why we created an online mini course to support you through this magical time. The course is to empower you to really step into your heart’s desire. It is only $29.99 and you’ll have lifetime access to it. Which means you can go through it every year from now on.

It is not too late to dive into this energy and use the powerful transformation that the 12 Sacred Nights hold.


Course Content:

In this course you will receive powerful tools to let go of the old and help you transform what is no longer in alignment with you. You will receive tools on how to gain clarity on your path for the coming year and how to manifest your deepest wishes and dreams. This course is not just about setting intentions for the new year, but to make room for the new to come in. For 12 nights, you will receive the tools to help you create a game plan on how to set up your life for the coming year, so that you can move forward feeling clear and confident of where you are going!

The course includes an introductory video with information on the 12 Sacred Nights, a manual to get you ready and tips for a powerful transformation. For each night you will receive a PDF with space to fill in your daily oracle cards and energies of the night as well as questions to journal on. You will also receive a daily exercise or tool to help you integrate the shifts.

Since each one of the sacred night is connected to a specific energy (one is for letting go, another one for manifesting, yet another one for forgiveness and gratitude), we have assembled questions for each night that help you connect to its particular energy and use it for a powerful transformation.

Go HERE to get your “12 Sacred Nights Course” and prepare for an amazing 2019! You can apply the content of this course to each year as your cleansing the old and bringing in the new year! 

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