I am a Creator being.

I am a child of the Universe.

I am here to illuminate 

the darkness that lives

within me.

I am here to heal my own wounds with the masculine and feminine. 

I am here to liberate my soul

from the ignorance 

of all illusion 

and separation.

I awaken to the truth of 

the Divine light within me

within everything. 

Unity is my purpose.

Love is my power.

I am Oneness.

I am.

I am Indigo Warrior.

Welcome to the world of the Indigo Warrior. “I Am Indigo Warrior” is an online magazine that celebrates the Spirit of the Indigo Lifestyle.


In the spirit of the Indigo we are redefining the word warrior and what it truly means to be a warrior during the Indigo Age. 

Indigos are here to anchor in a New Golden Age. They are the changemakers of the world, spiritual leaders and healers, bringers of a new paradigm. Their task is to tear down the 3rd dimensional systems that keep us disempowered, separated and disconnected from our truth.    

An Indigo Warrior is someone who challenges everyone who is still fast asleep, who is still walking in a state on unconsciousness in order to awaken them to the spiritual aspects of creation, oneness, unity and love.

Warrior in this context describes the spirit of someone willing to do whatever it takes to honor the truth of their own connection. Stepping into the energy of the warrior means to embrace the courage that is required to stand up to those things that do not align with the warrior’s being. It means being willing to make choices even if it means losing everything to uphold the Indigo way.

Being an Indigo Warrior doesn’t mean having to stand up and physically fight. It means having the courage and compassion to know that all that exists in the external battlefield is an internal representation to the war of ignorance and unconsciousness being waged within oneself. 

The power of the Indigo lies in the knowingness that everything we are experiencing is a reflection of our thoughts and soul lessons that we have chosen to learn. In that knowingness we have the power to change our reality at any given moment. The Indigo Warrior knows that by liberating themselves they are liberating the construct that enslaves humanity.

“I Am Indigo Warrior” is here for all of you who are choosing to live their lives in the energy of the Indigo Spirit!

 What you will get!


“I Am Indigo Warrior” is an online magazine published by AvaitriA. It discusses topics such as…

  • Akashic Insights 
  • Expert Advice
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  • Health Tips
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Akashic insights:


Today is 11:11:11 (November 11, 2018 with 2018 being an 11 year 2+0+1+8). The number eleven is all about portals into the new. This whole year has been a year of change, letting go of the old and stepping into the new. During an 11 year, the energy that propels us into something new moves very quickly. It doesn’t allow for long planning or decision making, but instead moves us quickly into the new.

When we have a triple eleven such as today, that energy becomes extremely potent. We are being thrown into the new and are being asked to have faith, move forward and step into the unknown. 

No wonder both of us, Kristie and Jivananda, had a huge channeling and clearing happening over the past month that propelled us into a new creative energy (including the creation and release of this magazine).

When we went into the Akasha, we discovered a dark energy that has been present and affected our Svadhisthana chakra since the time of Atlantis. 

We were shown this energy as a dark snake that made its way into the field of the Atlanteans, not only suppressing the sacredness of the sexual union between partners but also shutting down our full creative expression. It was through trickery, deceit and manipulation that the dark snake was able to take control. 

It is this very energy that has been limiting us from fully stepping into our potential as Creators, being able to manifest and/ or change reality in an instant, express our gifts, and most of all, connect to a partner on the level of deep love, sacred respect and divine union.  

Prior to this, partners came together to create a sacred union merging their energies in order to experience one another. One would offer their own energy to their partner as a sacred gift, and the partner would then accept it, and vice versa. Clearing the dark snake and all of its aspects will enable us to fully embrace our creative and sacred sexual power once again. 

In summary this month is about re-identifying and reclaiming our personal creative force. We are invited to take a deeper look where our creative energies have been flowing and how they’ve been influenced. This time of reclaiming is about recognizing what outside or unconscious energies have been utilizing our vital essence without our awareness. What this reveals to the healer within is a question: what parts of myself have been carrying the wounds that made my sacred sexuality and creativity vulnerable to deceit, distortion and perversion. 

Our Akashic invitation to you is: after reading this, tune into the energy and see where you have been giving away your creative energy to lower vibrations? Why? 

What is the personal soul lesson necessary for you to learn in helping you fully reclaim it?

Let us know your findings and transformations in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

Healing Remedies:


It’s that time agin where the immune system likes to be challenged to see what it knows. Fall is in the air bringing with it a time of transformation. Shifting energies from the external expression to the internal reflection. 

It’s a powerful time! Much to reflect upon visualizing this years progression. It’s a time of letting go and the physical body knows it! The throat tickles and sniffles start to creep their way in and remind us even more specifically what transformation looks like to the body. 

Soo… when transformation comes knocking on any door the best thing to do is accept it and facilitate the process. Out with the old, in with the new. Four magical words begin to ring in my head like 4 wise nature spirits saying, it’s that time again.  




Chopped up, ground up, put it in a tea, boil it up, finish with a heaping scoop of honey!

This is one of the all time best immune re-booting remedies and it is ooh soo very tasty. Guaranteed to kick bacteria booty. Make it HOT make it STRONG, Here’s the recipe!

There are 2 ways to make it, one with raw roots and the other with powders.


It is always helpful to make at least (4) servings cause it only gets better the longer it sits and you can always reheat it.

  • 1/2 cup raw ginger root chopped 
  • 1/4 cup raw turmeric root chopped
  • 4 cups of water

Throw it all in a pot, bring it to a boil and let it simmer for a good 15 mins. 

  • 2 lemons – add the fresh squeezed juice into the pot let it simmer for another 2-3 mins.

Pour yourself a nice hot cup and stir in a table spoon of the best conscious honey you can find. Honey Sourced from a Local Loving Bee Guardian is the best. We need to be nice to the sacred Honey bee’s. See if you can find someone who truly is. (More to share on these Divine Beeeings coming soon). 

Good honey is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial; honey turns alkaline approx. 45 mins after consumption and has been said to restore the original structure of the cell providing anti-aging properties. 

Remember Honey bees are all about one powerful buzz word…… IMMUNITY


In a mug add:

  • Hot water
  • 2 tsp of ginger powder 
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder 
  • 1/2 lemon squeezed 
  • 1 tbsp honey

Drink 4 cups a day or as often as you can until you feel like Dancing!

 Thieves Essential Oil:


This is one of the oils we always have on us wherever we go. It is a great disinfectant and cleanser. It has anti-microbial qualities and the ability to strengthen our immune system. We use it when out and about and we can’t wash out hands before consuming food. 

We have put it on tick and other insect bites, inflamed gums, around the lymph nodes of the neck during sore throat times as well as for preventative purposes on the temples, behind the ears and the third eye.

Talking about the weather getting cold outside – put a few drops of Thieves oil in your diffuser as it will kill off airborne microbes.

If you get Thieves Vitality (the ingestible version of the oil), add it to your hot almond milk cocoa. Its taste will give you a feeling of comfort during the long nights and short days of winter.   

We are also hooked on Thieves household products, such as the dishwashing detergent and liquid cleaner. An awesome way to support the environment while keeping your house sparkly clean. 

You can find more info and/ or order HERE!

Self Love, Self Care:


As the nights are getting longer and the temperature outside is getting colder here in the Northern Hemisphere, nature starts to draw inward. It is a natural process of nature, and we are being asked to do the same. The darkness of the longer nights is giving us the opportunity to look within, drawing up wisdom from the depth of our souls through spiritual insights. Darkness is a symbol of the unconscious and it is a time to look at what has been hidden, time to look at things we haven’t had time to reflect upon during the busy times of the summer months as well as the harvest season. 

We honor this by moving into Stillness, into the energy of Hibernation, Inner Focus and the Exploration of the inner worlds until Imbolc.

Take some time for yourself to become quiet. Light a candle. If it is evening, you might want to turn off any lights or electricity around you, so that you can connect to the darkness of the season.

Focus on your heart center and with each inhale go deeper within. See if you can go to places of depth you haven’t gone before. See what the Darkness has to teach you, what wisdom it holds for you…what has been hidden, what needs to be expressed, soy can create the foundation for the new seeds to come that will start to germinate deep within you. 

What we are reading:


After hearing about this book for quite some time, we are finally reading it and are blown away by its information. 

Did you know that every food you eat is associated with a certain emotion and has the ability to provide you emotional support as well as helping you in learning a spiritual lesson? 

Did you know that papaya teaches you determination and overcome weakness? That apples give you a sense of sanctuary when you feel unworthy, powerless or not good enough and that its energy will give you new hope?

Did you know that rose hips are not only high in vitamin C and help combat the Epstein-Bar Virus, but also keep our heart healthy? Did you know that aloe vera juice is a super powerful gut healer?

Author Anthony Williams has channeled information that the medical industry has not yet discovered and his insights will change your life. Honestly- it has been changing ours!

Anthony truly lives into the energy of the Indigo Warrior, empowering his own personal truth, and we are happy to be sharing and celebrating his wondrous gift with you here. 

Go HERE to purchase:

Special Offer – AvaitriA Energy Clearing Course:


The “AvaitriA Energy Clearing Course” is an empowerment course for anyone who is ready to deepen their connection to the psychic and intuitive world. It will teach you how to clear your field and protect yourself from lower vibrational frequencies. As you are interacting with the world around you the techniques of this course will help you shield yourself from external influences, empowering the healer within.  

In this course you will learn a variety of techniques to help you work more consciously with the energy within and around you.

For all skill levels.

You will learn how to:

  • Clear yourself from exterior negative frequencies
  • Empower positive decisions from your own inner alignment
  • Deeply Ground into Gaia to enhance healing, connection and your energy field.
  • Utilize the energy of joy to transform your emotional and mental state in an instant
  • Clear attachments and old connections with angelic support.
  • Prepare your field for a peaceful night of sleep
  • Develop an active relationship with the energy centers of your body
  • Communicate with, clear, balance, harmonize and activate your chakras
  • Identify and enhance your connection to your Divine Source within
  • Create energetic protection fields
  • Clear & Charge water, food, home and vehicle
  • Cleanse emotional and physical traumas and restore yourself with Divine light. 
  • Work with specific crystals to clear and protect your energy

Enrollment is closing for good on Sunday November 11, 2018. Don’t miss out! Make sure to get the course by going HERE!

This week’s hook up:


Back in April, I, Kristie, had the gift of interviewing Addictive Wellness founders AnnaBlanca and Sage on my show “Rebel Hearts w/ Kristie Reeves”. We had such a great time talking about superfoods, super herbs and healthy chocolate. Their chocolate and elixir blends are one of our favorite and that’s why we decided to share their product with you. Because if you are into treats and at the same time want to take good care of your health, their chocolate is the way to go- it’s truly addictive!! Exactly what the Indigo Warrior needs! #indigowarriorfuel

When you order from their website, enter code REBEL at check out for 10% off your first order!

And, if you’d like to find out more about Addictive Wellness and AnnaBlanca and Sage’s mission, you can listen to the interview HERE!

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