“The Nature of Whole Beingness”

Soul Resolution™

Harmonizing all aspects of the evanescent nature of being within the eternal nature of pure self-awareness

Life is an unlimited dimension of light, energy, sound, thought, feeling, form & being. A limitless expression of cosmic consciousness birthed forth into a magnificent, wonderous and mysterious Creation.

Out of all of this, where did our energy arise? When did we take shape and form into individualized soul consciousness? How did we become? What ideas have we developed about the existence of mind, soul, body, matter, who we are and what we are doing? What does it mean to be a soul? What does it mean to be alive as an aspect of consciousness perceiving the external and internal world within and around us? What are we telling ourselves?

How has identity with form, shape & image created ideas about what we are, and what we are not? How has this influenced our experience of person and self and limited our connection of identity with everything else? What am I truly? And how can I harmonize with all aspects of beingness?

Training Structure

The program is structured as follows:

  • Online self-study content through AvaitriA’s Online Academy  
  • Facebook group with live trainings & additional weekly/ daily content
  • One on one live Sessions (if desired)


Soul Resolution™ on its most fundamental level is forgiveness work of the Soul. Each of our lives is a manicured expression of every single identity and belief we have ever accepted, believed true and took on as an aspect of our personal “soul identity”. 

In order to “be something” we must exclude “something else”. Soul Resolution™ is learning how to uncover each specific aspect of our whole beingness we separated from and resolve the division we created, bringing each aspect back into our harmonious expression.

This program is a combination of all the work we have personally discovered & developed throughout our lifetime as practitioners of the self, the akasha and personal healing work. We have now organized these tools, discoveries and learnings in a beautiful user-friendly format as The Nature of Whole Beingness.

As a participant you will be guided through an extensive process of self-inquiry, learning how to uncover and identify personal aspects of past and present subconscious identities and beliefs. You will be given a variety of transformational discovery tools based in Akashic Healing Techniques as well as Belief Clearing Work. This program is set up to be a self guided, online assisted training. Each week you will receive new content in your course folder guiding you through a new process of self discovery and clearing.

This training will teach you how to work on yourself and provide you the tools to continue deepening your expression of whole beingness. This training is also designed to support you in shifting blockages that you might have around doing this type of work, opening of intuitive channels and gifts, transforming subconscious fears, limiting programs and so much more. By self-applying the tools & techniques to your own transformational process, you will discover how to empower your personal path.

Through the empowerment of yourself, you learn how to support the empowerment of others. The process of awakening starts now. Step forward and open the doors of a life you never knew you shut, but feel every day. Experience the freedom of love by harmonizing every aspect within the full expression of whole beingness and infinite nature of self. Set yourself free!

Soul Resolution™ is a Journey of Soul – Self-discovery

Self-Guided Content

The program is going to include 22 weeks of drip content for self-study which will be released through your student account.

You will have lifelong access to this content. This is where you will learn the tools & techniques to support you in your own transformation process.

The main content will teach you how to identify, transform and resolve limiting programs in order to empower yourself into your nature of wholebeingness.

You will receive guidance on what to work through in order to start uncovering and transforming what has been limiting you from stepping into your true potential.

You will receive videos, audios and worksheets that teach you the different tools & techniques and how to apply them, to your life.

Learn about the relationship you carry with the soul and how to uncover personal past life identities.

Inner Assembly – Facebook Group

Additionally, you will have access to our “Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” Facebook Group.

“The Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” is our on-going platform where we will be providing additional videos, content, live calls, trainings, Q&A’s…. on a daily and weekly basis to support students as they are going through the self-study content. This is the place for you to ask questions and receive additional support. You can post questions from your weekly content and celebrate your breakthroughs.

We will be offering weekly live video group calls with the specific intention of continuing education, tools and techniques to encourage a greater comprehension and integration of the work as well as the addressing and answering of specific questions of our students.

So often we see students doing wonderful work while going through a training; but once the program is complete, it is easy to fall back into old routines. Therefore we decided that even after completing the program, students will have access to this private Facebook group. That way you will be able to continue joining us in the live calls, ask questions, receive additional material, keep learning and growing, and integrate these tools on a deeper level.

Learn how to resolve & harmonize connection with all aspects of life and creation!

On-Going Support

As you continue this work after the 22 weeks of receiving the self-study content, questions might come up in regards to your own journey or working with others.

We want you to feel that you have a place where you can reach out and feel supported even after you’ve completed the “official” part of the training. Our intention is that this training is the beginning of a journey that you will hopefully continue after the 22 weeks.

Soul Resolution™ Program Options Overview

Course Price $1500


  • AvaitriA Online Academy Content
  • “The Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” Facebook Group

Course Price $2200


  • AvaitriA Online Academy Content
  • “The Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” Facebook Group
  • 3 Live Support Sessions – 75 min each

Course Price $2700


  • AvaitriA Online Academy Content
  • “The Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” Facebook Group
  • 6 Live Support Sessions – 75 min each

Course Price $4200


  • AvaitriA Online Academy Content
  • “The Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” Facebook Group
  • 3 Live Support Sessions – 75 min each

Soul Resolution™ Monthly

We are currently offering a monthly payment plan to enroll into “The Nature of Whole Beingness- Soul Resolution™”. This program includes everything that the main course includes and allows you to pay for the course over time.


  • AvaitriA Online Academy Content
  • “The Nature of Whole Beingness- Inner Assembly” Facebook Group

Course Price:

11 Payments of $150 per month

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